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ARE YOU A logibod?

Are you or have you ever been employed by

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or one of their subsidiaries anywhere in the world?


Many logibods already stay in touch with each other by means of telephone, email or whatever others have lost touch with their old friends and want to make contact again.

Now there is an independent website (people keep asking!) that helps logibods to network. Over 3612 past and present logibods have registered so far, so whether you want to contact old friends, find trustable suppliers that understand you or advertise your services, you can do it at www.logibod.com.


Before you can use the site you must register. We ask you to provide some basic details that can be searched by members of the site. This allows people to find you. We ask for a contact email address so that full members can contact you - but do not disclose it without your instruction.

We all value our privacy so we seek to limit access to logibods. Anyone registering will be able to see and search a list of names, but to make use of the services of the site you need to have your registration seconded by an existing full member - someone who recognises you from the details you provided.



As a full member you can search the sites membership in a number of ways or browse for people who were working in the same area at the same time. As well as providing a way to locate people you know and seeing where they are now, you can email them.

All members can provide a message saying where they are now and what they are doing but full members can also provide an advertisement for products or services they or their companies offer. These advertisements are fully searchable, so if you are looking for specific services you can search for a logibod who offers them.

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